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well, hi there.

My name is Kris Miller and I am the creative behind AttaGirl Design. My clients range from small start-ups to globally recognized corporations. Projects run the gamut from a simple ad to a complex collateral piece – each worthy of a 100% commitment.

My philosophy is simple: be a good listener, ask questions, never promise what you can’t deliver, exceed expectations, build long-term relationships, and: be fearless.

What you can expect when working with me:

  • Innovative, influential and award-winning Creative Director successful in cultivating great design teams and work environments that produce exceptional ideas for championing an organization's values, image and brand.

  • Blends passion for design with business savvy and expert skills in client facing, conceptualizing and pitching ideas, guiding the creative direction of projects, and on-time project delivery. Focused and persistent; diplomatic and resilient. Excel in analysis, decision-making, problem solving, time management and meeting deadlines.

Competencies include: 

  • Leadership – Based on the understanding that good management is a service, not a restraint; that business is an ecosystem which requires nurturance; that companies are composed of people not machines; and that the best work environments are great because they're fun AND productive

  • Communication - Building and maintaining relationships and garnering buy-in via drafting effective creative briefs, presenting creative and persuasive visions/pitches across stakeholders (clients, staff, and leadership), and using effective negotiation to identify and implement mutually beneficial outcomes

  • Creativity - Proven and hands-on designer who inspires innovation, drives ingenuity, and achieves results via effective brainstorming and ideation, creative problem solving, and resourceful and storytelling with impact

  • Technical Knowledge – Possess high levels of knowledge of and skill in working with creative softwares, web design best practices, social media platforms, etc.

  • Staffing – Hiring, developing, motivating, managing and retaining the best talent

  • Budgeting – Creation, management, working within

  • Presentations – Creative briefs, creative visions, drafts, finished products

  • Teaching, Training – Developing staff, introducing new users to new products and technologies

  • Work Culture – Develop and evolve the workplace into THE place employees want to be