GDE710 W3 | Workshop Challenge One: New Design Category


I chose the term “empathetic design” as I feel that empathy is a pathway to understanding. Understanding and meaning are key components of design. Combine that all with feeling, you arrive at empathetic design. Sub Rosa is a design agency wherein empathy is their core tenant and approach to all of their work. Not only are they using empathy to best support their clients, they have created an entire dogma around what they call, “Applied Empathy.” They have written a book, host regular event series and video and podcasts, case studies, and even have a deck of cards (geared at spearheading and guiding conversations) that all center around the idea that empathy, “ empowers leaders and their businesses to explore, learn, and grow through deeper understanding.”

And, “shows us how to unlock our ability to design solutions, spark innovation, and solve tough challenges with empathy at the center.” Examples of their work go beyond environmental and experiential design, beyond brand design, and packaging design, beyond it all. They use empathy to find pathways of understanding and meaning, finding where the head and the heart intersect to achieve the best possible results not only for a brand, but for their audience and for the greater good. Examples of their work can be found here and below: