GDE710 W2 | Task Two: San Francisco Production Research

The increase in costs in San Francisco has unfortunately driven many of the larger, commercial outfits out of the city central to places in the East Bay, north to Sacramento, and even Los Angeles. I’ve found a few that are doing good work and remain here in the city.

First up: 3 Fish Studios

Run by Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin, 3 Fish are printmakers and painters and also host classes for those interested in learning more about printmaking. I figured I would start with hand-tooled methods.

Next we have Doob3D, a 3d printer here in San Francisco, creating custom figures of you using their unique technology. Very futuristic, and a bit novel.

Last but not least, a traditional commercial printer, one of the few that are left, Murphy Printing has been in San Francisco since 1921. They provide all sorts of commercial printing services including: offset and digital printing, bindery, foil stamping, design, and mailing services.